Music and the Arts!

In a landmark vote this past Nov 2022, all schools will get an increase in funding for music and arts programming from pre-K through 12th grade to the tune of 1% of California's operating budget. For RBUSD, that yields $1M+/yr. Yes, some critics didn't like permanently earmarking a percentage because the state should have more flexibility should they need those funds. But in general, no one disputes that kids benefit direct and indirectly from this programming. This is why in the Nov ballot booklet, there was no opposition to it. In short, this is fantastic news.

Please submit your feedback to RBUSD about how to allocate this new budget

I strongly believe the school board can more proactively communicate to the community, whether that be through social media channels, monthly town halls, or any other forum that increases accessibility for residents. As an engaged resident, I have spent the past couple of years trying to engage the community on issues in order to improve voter turnout. This was one of them. Here I am on a podcast to help promote voting yes on Prop 28:

My involvement in music started at age 5 with the piano, 9 violin, and 10 clarinet. I joined concert, jazz and marching bands thereafter, and I even had a stint in the orchestra pit for a musical production, 'Lil Abner. I finished my high school with a piano concerto, George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Twenty-one minutes of the hardest piece I had ever played, and sadly, the it should've been 18 min because my chops weren't quite there.

Marching band, however, was my life, every year in high school from August - November. I was a die hard drum corps fan and followed the Cadets of NJ (then called the Garfield Cadets) religiously as they often placed first in the 1980s and 1990s. It is fantastic that Drum Corps International (DCI) has a show at the Rose Bowl every summer.

Jerome as Drum Major

These days, I mostly spend my music time teaching both my kids, 6 and 11 yo. I started Tessa just 16 months ago, and Ty about 5 years ago.

It is this long history of, and deep passion and commitment for music that I will as a board member advocate for music and arts programming.

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