Did you know that the demographics of students have become much more diverse than the city at-large?

Racial Diversity

Did you know that the demographics of students have become much more diverse than the city at-large?

  White Hispanic Asian African-American Other/Multiple
City ('19 est) 60% 16% 14% 3% 7%
RBUSD ('20-21) 45% 24% 13% 3% 15%
RBUSD ('20-21)* 53% 19% 21% 5% 2%
Union 47% 24% 10% 4% 15%
Parras 52% 19% 11% 3% 15%
Tulita 50% 20% 11% 2% 16%
Alta Vista 47% 20% 16% 3% 13%
Beryl Heights 50% 23% 7% 2% 19%
Jefferson 49% 14% 17% 1% 18%
Adams 37% 32% 13% 5% 14%
Birney 42% 24% 13% 2% 18%
Washington 31% 38% 15% 2% 13%
Madison 35% 29% 16% 4% 16%
Lincoln 44% 18% 20% 2% 15%


Also the City of Redondo Beach population seems to be growing about 5.5% every 10 years, from 1980-2010. 2020 should be released this year.

*RBUSD and the State of CA both use PowerSchool to publish the above data. However, parents often change their students' info once they review registration info in PowerSchool. Also, parents can enroll/disenroll throughout the year. Therefore, this 2nd, RBUSD district-wide row comes from the RBUSD site, as of Fri 6/4/2021; the other rows come from the State of CA.

Here's the change in demographics in the last 7 academic years. Diversity does not initially seem to have changed significantly...except in the mixed races, which increased significantly from 6.4% to 14.8%. Using the RBUSD data (2nd blue row above), there's a big increase in data for Asians and somewhat for Hispanics and African Americans, and decrease in "other/multiple." These 2 corrections suggest the majority of mixed races are HAPAs, or partially Asian. Further, the above table shows a high concentration of Asians in the elementary schools, and lower in the high schools, which suggests the incoming Asian families are relatively young, and tend to reside in North Redondo Beach by a slight margin.

Ethnicities since 2014

Ethnicities since 2014 by numbers

FYI, the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S. is...Asian Americans: 81% from 2000-2019.
Similarly, in Redondo Beach, 28.34%, followed by Hispanic (23.22%), and Black/African American (18.68%). Notably, mixed races grew 84.28%, which we learned above, a high majority may include Asians.

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    commented on Demographics 2021-02-04 12:06:12 -0800
    This data does not imply anything about private schools – it only presents current breakdown. My point is to reveal that the bulk of new families in RB have greater diversity than the city at large. This is great for RB as it shows how a high quality school district increases property value and attracts new residents who have families.

    As for my platform, I’m a fan of data and objective measures.
    commented on Demographics 2021-02-04 11:26:23 -0800
    Does this mean that white parents are more likely to put their kids in private school? What is the significance as it relates to your platform?
    published Demographics in Issues 2021-01-09 15:45:38 -0800